Grammar Smash English


Grammar Smash is a simple, fun, block busting game for learning basic English grammar quickly and easily. Smash words to form sentences in this award winning highly addictive basic English grammar course for ESL/EFL students. Learning English grammar has never been so simple, fun and easy.


  • Over 100 fast, easy, lessons/games using over 500,000 English sentences
  • A structured course/game to help ESL/EFL students study basic English grammar
  • Improve reading skills and speed
  • Learn new vocabulary in context
  • Improve/learn sentence structures
  • The grammar reference guide is simple and colour-coded
  • Suitable for independent study or to replace grammar textbooks


Grammar Smash English
Grammar Smash English
Grammar Smash English
Grammar Smash English


Nguyen Huyen 22 Dec 2016 at 20:10
It's fun for kids. After the wrong answer, they have correct one as well as the wrong one so kids can be easy selfcheck the next time.
Anilyn Jane Flores 17 Dec 2016 at 01:01
Excellent Game! Colour coded explanations are really helpful and the game and exercises are really fun! I will tell my students to download this great free app to help them learn English grammar.